Year-in-review CEO article

Growing and Changing to Serve You Better

Throughout 2015, the team at INGENIUM had a clear focus: restructure and enhance our services to serve you, our clients, at an even higher level. I’d like to take a moment now to share with you some of the strides we’ve made towards enhancing your INGENIUM experience, and the results you can expect.

Communications Improvements

In the second quarter of last year, we began the rollout of a new operational software suite that has been specially customized to streamline operations and increase efficiency in all phases, from customer contact to completion of service. It has since been implemented throughout the INGENIUM system and keeps communication streamlined and consistent.

We also implemented an electronic log system for drivers and digitized all driver qualification files and vehicle maintenance records. A new document control system used company-wide to manage our day-to-day operating processes and procedures was successfully implemented mid-year. These system improvements help us serve you better and faster for everything from scheduling to invoicing.

Bigger to Serve You Better

In addition to comprehensively restructuring the entire operations department including job titles and responsibilities, we’ve gotten bigger too. We’ve added both personnel and waste haulers in every area INGENIUM serves. Our corporate offices and southern California operations facilities moved this last December into larger quarters; and good thing – we were maxed out with almost every corporate office doubled up with people and hardly any room in the operations location for all the trucks!

New Sustainability Solution

Last but certainly not least, in early December we proudly introduced Bio-INergy, a uniquely sustainable solution for medical red bag waste. One of the first of its kind in California, the Bio-INergy program renders red bag medical waste into solid trash using a state-approved technology. That trash is then converted into energy and put back onto the electrical grid. Since its launch, the Bio-INergy program has been recognized in major national publications and is already helping our customers. You can read more about it on Waste360. Bio-INergy is yet another initiative in the ongoing INGENIUM commitment to bring innovative sustainable solutions to our community.


This year our focus will be on fine tuning all of these new enhancements while simultaneously seeking new and better ways to continue to serve you. Customer satisfaction and safety are two main pillars of our corporate culture, and our promise to you. We know we’re not entitled to your business; we are ready to earn it with every interaction we share. It’s the INGENIUM way.

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