Bio-INergy is designed specifically for generators of red bag medical waste

Bio-INergy is a natural extension of the successful Emerald Energy program and is the latest innovation in Ingenium’s drive towards greater sustainability of hazardous and other regulated waste. Designed specifically for generators of red bag medical waste, Bio-INergy offers the option of choosing a sustainable alternative to autoclave and landfill treatment and/or limits your organization’s carbon footprint by avoiding out-of-state incineration.

Through this process, red bag medical waste is rendered into solid trash utilizing state-approved technology. The solid waste is then converted into energy and put back onto the electrical grid.

While Ingenium is capable of handling other related waste types, sharps, pathological, chemotherapy and pharmaceutical wastes at this time are not eligible for program acceptance.

The innovative Bio-INergy program delivers measurable results for all red bag medical waste generators seeking to achieve sustainability initiatives within their organization. It’s Pure Ingenium.

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