TOK America

Waste Recycling Success Story

TOK contacted INGENIUM for assistance with their recycling and sustainability goals. After a thorough audit, we were able to take the majority of the client’s waste that was going to incineration and redirect it to recycling. This elevated their sustainability goals while dramatically cutting their costs. We took over 60 tons of waste off of their reportables and put into continued use, for a total savings to TOK of over $100K! In addition, we recycled all waste streams that were going to incineration and utilized our Beneficial Reuse program to redirect another product that was going to cost over $100K in disposal fees. This resulted in a savings of 1/100 of the cost of disposal. We then took a methanol stream containing resin which was unable to be recycled and gave this to a partner to recycle. They were successful with this process, and now all of the methanol coming out of the plant with sticky resin is recoverable for recycle! This dramatically increased the sustainability profile of the customer and saved them over $150K from their previous supplier.

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