Morgan Advanced Materials

Recycling – Part of the Solution

This customer was originally interested in non-landfill options for their largest waste stream which they had been landfilling for years. We were able to help them by providing them with a 100% recycling solution for this stream, along with all their other hazardous waste streams. Through an INGENIUM audit of this company’s waste streams, we discovered a true recycling solution for their largest waste stream to be diverted from a landfill to a local facility that creates raw material used for Portland Cement. Using this recycling option also helps reduce a depleted natural resource using this raw material instead.

  • This equated to hundreds of tons of waste each year being diverted from a landfill to a recycling option.
  • INGENIUM also found a recycling or reuse option for every single one of the company’s hazardous waste streams (approximately 20) that would result in a recycling code on their manifest and 100% of their hazardous waste being diverted from a landfill.
  • In addition, INGENIUM was also able to show cost savings of over 20% for these waste streams.

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