Heath Ceramics


For over 20 years, Heath Ceramics had been landfilling a problematic large waste stream and was looking for a recycling solution. After working with many different vendors and attempts to find a better solution, INGENIUM stepped in. We were able to find a beneficial reuse option for this bulk waste stream, getting them a recycling code on their waste manifest. Additionally, we were able to move another non-hazardous waste stream which is now being used as raw product for Portland Cement, which resulted in 100% of the waste being recycled. After extensive research, testing and sampling, INGENIUM was able to identify a disposal option that would provide this material to be beneficially reused and produce a H039 recycling code on the company’s manifest.

  • Over 200 tons each year of material between two locations would be recycled and beneficially reused instead of buried with no purpose in a hazardous waste landfill.
  • As a result, the company saw a positive impact on their external and internal messaging regarding the company goal for landfill diversion and sustainability.

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