INGENIUM’s Beneficial Reuse Program provides benefits for both generators and recipients of reusable chemicals.

Bio-Rad invited INGENIUM to conduct an analysis to determine what sustainable solutions were available for all their waste streams. There was a particular focus on a more sustainable solution for the IR acetone solvent, which was currently being incinerated on a weekly basis. After extensive research, INGENIUM identified that the purity of the acetone solvent enabled it to be eligible for the beneficial reuse exemption under the State of Washington regulations. Due to the cleanliness of the material, INGENIUM was able to identify other manufacturers who were able to utilize the material in the process “as-is” and without reclamation. This resulted in Bio-Rad eliminating the amount of waste for incineration, which significantly reduced their cost of disposal and allowed the recipient client the opportunity to reuse material, which saved them from buying virgin product and resulted in a sustainability and monetary savings.

“INGENIUM was eager to earn our business in 2012, and we not only found a great partner, but they also put in a lot of work to set up an agreement between Bio-Rad Laboratories and a manufacturing recipient for the beneficial reuse of our largest waste stream. While our processes could not accommodate the reuse of the solvent, the recipient was not only able to, but enthusiastically accepted as much as we could produce. Doing so dramatically eliminated the hazardous waste generated in a year, significantly reduced costs and reduced pollution prevention and generator fees. Thanks to beneficial reuse, our production facility went from a large-quantity generator down to a medium-quantity generator. Not only that, instead of being recycled, the acetone that we use to make clinical test kits gets reused beneficially to create a high-end product.” – Christopher Harner, Senior EH&S Coordinator – Bio-Rad

“We partnered with INGENIUM in 2012 when we were looking for competitive pricing and, more importantly, dependable service with on-time transportation. INGENIUM is always looking for the best outlet for waste disposal and constantly researches disposal alternatives to help us reduce our overall volume (i.e. Recycling or Reuse.) In 2010, our goal was to bring in used chemicals that could be reused within our process, and we began to recycle our used solvent in-house and implemented an orphan or beneficial reuse chemical program. When we partnered with INGENIUM, they located multiple sources of beneficial reuse chemicals and continues to look for additional sources. The beneficial reuse program is a win for both the original user and for us as the recipient. By making the used chemical available for reuse, Bio-Rad eliminated a hazardous waste stream and we gained a usable chemical for pennies on the dollar. In 2014, I asked INGENIUM to look for a gun/line wash solvent and once again, they ran with the challenge and provided several sources and options. As a large quantity generator, I have a constant stream of Hazardous Waste Management Companies knocking on my door. To date, I have not had a provider come in with comparable pricing…but price is not the deciding factor. It’s INGENIUM’s service. INGENIUM has staff dedicated to our account. They know us, our waste streams, processes and needs. INGENIUM works with and for us to minimize waste and to help us control costs. INGENIUM’s partnership in the beneficial reuse chemical program helped us realize a six figure annual savings.” – EHS Manager, Manufacturing Recipient

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