What You Need To Know About e-Manifests

You may have previously heard e-Manifest as a buzzword in our hazardous waste industry. Most recently, you may have picked up on additional chatter in light of the recently finalized rule.

INGENIUM would like to share with you how the latest e-Manifest ruling will be affecting the way your hazardous waste is managed. Here’s the Inside scoop on e-Manifest.

What is e-Manifest? e-Manifest is a national system managed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), for tracking hazardous waste shipments electronically. The goal of e-Manifest is to modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process.

On January 3, 2018, the EPA announced through a final rule that it will begin operations of the e-Manifest system effective June 30, 2018. The final rule requires TSDFs and other hazardous waste receiving facilities to submit final manifest copies to the EPA via the e-Manifest system. Through the final rule, EPA places a preference for receiving facilities to submit final copies electronically to e-Manifest in place of paper copies. Over the next five years, EPA is phasing out receiving facilities’ ability to mail in paper manifests to e-Manifest.

What does this mean for me? While e-Manifest places a ruling to the receiving facilities on electronic copies, it does NOT require generators or transporters to use digital, electronic manifests. As a INGENIUM customer, you will continue to receive paper manifests as part of our service.

One change that will affect you directly is how the paper manifests will look in accordance to §262.21. Beginning June 30, 2018, INGENIUM will use 5-part manifests in place of our existing 6-part manifests. The key differences between the forms largely affect the receiving facilities (see chart below.)

5-Part Manifest Form 6-Part Manifest Form

Will there be charges associated with the new ruling? The EPA has mandated that fees be collected by the TSDFs for the use of the e-Manifesting system; however, how they will allocate these fees to users has not yet been determined. INGENIUM will keep you posted on any updates to the allocation of fees as they become available.

Will I still receive my final manifest copies? Yes, you will continue to receive final manifest copies via mail and through our customer portal, INSIGHT. 

INGENIUM is also actively working with EPA’s e-Manifesting Advisory Board, so you may register to receive emails as soon as a final manifest copy is uploaded into the e-Manifest system.

How does this change my state’s reporting requirements? INGENIUM actively works with Federal and local regulatory agencies to ensure that INGENIUM and our customers remain in compliance with updated regulations. State regulatory agencies have not yet published their revised policies in regard to e-Manifest. As soon as we know your state’s requirements, we will work with you to ensure a smooth transition.

As our valued customer, you will continue to receive more e-Manifest details as they unfold in the coming months. If you have any specific questions, please contact your INGENIUM Representative.

For more detailed information from the EPA, please click here.


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