Reduce Your Risk

Confirm Your Hazardous Waste Management Company’s Compliance and Safety Records

Are you aware that you can potentially be fined if your hazardous waste management company is non-compliant or acts irresponsibly? Even years after you no longer use them? That’s why it’s very important to know the qualifications and integrity of your provider.

INGENIUM is fully certified and insured in every state that we serve. All of those certifications are available on the INGENIUM website:

In addition, we have never been fined for any regulatory violations in any state in the history of the firm, since our inception in 2006.

Our safety record also speaks for itself:

  • We have never lost an employee to an accident.
  • Our exemplary safety record is documented in the national DOT database, the SAFER system. 
  • We have received acknowledgement of an outstanding safety record by the California State Compensation Fund.
  • We have also received numerous safety acknowledgements from the California Highway Patrol, and have a documented record of no violations from the Washington department of ecology.

Safety is one of our top concerns both on-site at our clients, on the road, and in our own facilities. And, both safety and integrity are not just words at INGENIUM, they are an ingrained part of our corporate values. Whether INGENIUM is your hazardous waste provider or not, we urge you to periodically check on your provider’s record – for your own safety!


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