NSC Releases New Study on Safety

An interesting study was recently released by the National Safety Council (NSC) regarding safety on a state-by-state level within the USA.

The study was a year-long project that looked at the steps each state has taken (or not taken) to reduce the risk of accidents for its residents. The states were assigned a grade of A through F. One interesting result was that NO state received an A score. Good news for those on the west coast – California, Washington, Oregon – who received B scores.

The study looked at three main areas of accidents; Roadway Safety, Home & Community, and Workplace Safety. Typical accidents were vehicle accidents, poisonings, drownings and slips/trips/falls. The study looked at various causes of the accidents and whether or not the states had programs in place to address the causes (i.e. bicycle helmet requirements, CPR training, pool enclosure requirements, distracted driving awareness campaigns and smoke alarm requirements.)

Take a look here to see how your state scored in the individual categories and for the leading causes of accidental deaths within the three main areas of the study.

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