Important Update to Hazardous Waste Labels

What’s up with those large UN Identification Numbers on the hazardous waste labels?

You may have noticed the overly large UN Identification Numbers on the hazardous waste labels that INGENIUM has been placing on your waste containers.  While it may look odd (the UN ID numbers are about 5 times as big as the other text), it is being done to comply with DOT regulations.

Years ago, the DOT announced changes to the minimum size marking requirements for the UN ID Numbers that are part of the proper shipping description.  The changes were made in 49 CFR 172.301. Starting January 1, 2017, the UN ID Number marking on hazmat / hazwaste packages must be a minimum height of 12mm for packages > 30L or 30Kg, or 6mm for packages </= 30L or 30Kg. For small packages </= to 5L or 5Kg, the UN ID Number must be marked “in a size appropriate for the size of the package”.  To make things easy, INGENIUM has chosen to make all UN ID Number markings at least 12mm on their labels.

The DOT does allow that containers permanently marked with UN ID Numbers {e.g. some medical waste containers} can be used through the end of their useful life regardless of the whether the UN ID Numbers meet the minimum size requirements.

As always, INGENIUM representatives are here to answer any questions you may have regarding new regulations or changes to any hazardous waste regulations. For further information on this updated regulation, please feel free to contact your INGENIUM Representative at, or give us a call at 800-805-6236.


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