IMPORTANT! New requirements for Pharmaceutical Labels

Effective Immediately!

The State of California has informed INGENIUM that pharmaceutical waste prepared for transportation shall not be labeled with the word “Pharmaceutical,” but instead with the words “Incineration Only” or “High Heat.” The specific regulation in question is from the 2017 Medical Waste Management Act, Section 118275, (1)(6)(B).

This directive was verified with the Chief of the Medical Waste Management Division within the California Department of Public Health.

In order to comply with this directive, INGENIUM will now be printing the shipping labels for pharmaceutical waste WITHOUT the word “Pharmaceutical.” Going forward, our labels will include the acronym “PW” as an abbreviation for “Pharmaceutical Waste.”

What effect will this change have?

Our Profiles, Sales Orders, Medical Waste Tracking Documents, Invoices and InSite (our customer portal) will continue to reference these waste streams as “Pharmaceutical Waste.” The change with the abbreviation of “PW” will only be on our labels.

Click here to view an example of the new Pharmaceutical Labels

Should you have any questions, please contact your INGENIUM Representative for clarification.

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