Filling Waste Drums, Boxes and Totes

In light of the recent warm temperatures, we wanted to remind our clients to be extremely aware of the filling limits of drums, boxes and totes. Overfilling can cause leakage or distortion of the containers and result in problems during transportation.

(h)Outage and filling limits

(1)General. When filling packagings and receptacles for liquids, sufficient ullage (outage) must be left to ensure that neither leakage nor permanent distortion of the packaging or receptacle will occur as a result of an expansion of the liquid caused by temperatures likely to be encountered during transportation. Requirements for outage and filling limits for non-bulk and bulk packagings are specified in §§ 173.24a(d) and 173.24b(a), respectively.

Also important to note:

49 CFR 173.24

 (4) There will be no hazardous material residue adhering to the outside of the package during transport.

If you have any questions, please contact your INGENIUM Representative.


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