DOT Penalty Increase in Effect August 1, 2016

DOT Penalty Changes in Effect August 1, 2016

The US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) posted an Interim Final Rule to raise the maximum and minimum civil penalties for violations of Federal hazardous materials regulations, law, special permits and approvals.

Those changes include:

Old Maximum Fine New Maximum Fine
Civil Penalty $75,000 per day $77,114 per day
Violations resulting in death, serious illness,severe injury or substantial property damage $175,000 per day $179,993 per day
Failure to train HazMat employees*Note: HazMat training violations are one of the few HazMat requirements that carry a minimum civil penalty $463 per day


Stay out of the penalty box and avoid expensive fines! INGENIUM offers complimentary HazMat employee training sessions to our clients. Please contact your INGENIUM representative for more information on participating in an upcoming training.

*A HazMat employee is defined as any worker who performs a pre-transportation function like classifying, packaging, marking, labeling, loading, unloading or documenting HazMat shipments. HazMat employees must complete HazMat training within 90 days of hire, and must repeat training once every three years.


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