Zero Waste Certification – Don’t Be Trashy

DESTINATION ZERO is a comprehensive program that, when fully implemented, may take between 12-18 months to achieve full certification. The entire program spans five phases and our methodology delivers both clarity with the process and design recommendations to achieve significant milestones along the journey to zero waste.

The great news is that our program is completely on your timeline and budget. Your organization may choose to engage our team on one phase or all five phases over time. Alternatively, you may decide to only pilot a building or campus, or just simply need help with reporting or a certification-readiness determination. Whatever the need, all our DESTINATION ZERO teammates are TRUE certified advisors and will exclusively tailor a flexible plan to align with your budget and organizational needs.

The five phases of the DESTINATION ZERO Program:

  1. Assessment – The program begins with an in-depth Assessment. This initial phase is a three-pronged system that provides both a true baseline percentage towards zero waste status and offers key insights regarding your organization’s management of sustainability practices.
  2. Education & Design – Next, we shift to the Design & Education Stage. Here, INGENIUM’s Zero Waste group will engage your organization’s stakeholders and introduce newly devised waste diversion strategies. This unique approach will employ training at all levels of the organization for maximum engagement in achieving the organization’s Zero Waste goal.
  3. Reporting & Tracking – Once completed, the third stage focuses on reporting. INGENIUM’s process will enable your organization to seamlessly collect the necessary data measure the maximum diversion levels of your organization’s waste and position your organization for eligibility of Zero Waste consideration.
  4. Certification – Lastly, once the identified diversion levels are attained, we prepare your organization for the Zero Waste Certification Audit and walk you through the entire process.
  5. Maintenance – When achieved, we also offer a continuous reporting and maintenance program to keep up with all the efforts your organization has expended in becoming Zero Waste Certified.

For more information on our DESTINATION ZERO program, please complete this short questionnaire and a TRUE Certified Advisor will contact you and guide you on the path to Zero Waste!

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