A world-renowned research facility in California, recently learned that one of its former researchers stole chemicals, equipment and other items over a period of over two decades. Following the ex-employee’s death, the chemicals were discovered in his home and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), at the request of the research facility, a long-time valued INGENIUM customer, tapped us to assist in the removal operation.

The former research scientist and employee was found to have removed thousands of chemicals from its laboratories without authorization during his 21-year career. The chemicals were found in his home and a rented self-storage unit. No details were provided as to the type of chemicals located on the premise.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) was immediately called in to assess the situation and to coordinate the inventory, packaging, labeling and transportation of the stolen chemicals. The facility, a long-time customer of INGENIUM, recommended that the EPA enlist the services of INGENIUM due to its expertise and qualification in dealing with these items. Although the EPA typically brings in its own resources for projects of this type, they agreed to have INGENIUM partner with them on this project.

INGENIUM project managers worked closely with the EPA, as well as the County of San Diego’s Hazardous Materials Division, to facilitate the removal of these chemicals, and ensure safe transportation to the appropriate disposal facilities. We are proud to report that all items have been successfully removed from the site at this time, and INGENIUM got rave reviews from the EPA and all parties involved in the project.

We appreciate our customer’s support and trust as well as the opportunity to work with the professionals at the EPA in this challenging situation.

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