Sustainable Investing: Invest in our Planet

As awareness and activity around the preservation and restoration of our planet continues to grow, people continually find new ways to incorporate sustainability in their everyday lives. One way many have started doing this is by “sustainable investing”. Sustainable investing simply means investing in companies that have sustainable practices, like producing a significantly reduced amount of greenhouse gases.

The trick is to still use a tested and successful investment approach when choosing your investments. Narrow down your investment choices by finding companies that fit one, or a few, specific sustainable goals. Sustainable investing portfolios have been proven to be comparable to non-sustainability focused portfolios when created in a strategic, effective way.

Incentives for Increased Sustainability

For business owners, leaders, or boards, there are many reasons and incentives for increased sustainability.

  1. It is becoming commonplace for certain industries to require certain levels of sustainable practices and compliance. Increasing your sustainability can help you meet regulatory requirements.
  2. Risk management – climate change can negatively impact the majority of businesses in one way or another (i.e., extreme weather events, water scarcity, poor labor conditions).
  3. Corporate stakeholders (i.e., employees, boards, consumers and investors) have been shown to view green initiatives positively.
  4. Consumer support of companies that emphasize sustainability has become a recognizable advantage in business.
  5. Cost reduction, improving process efficiency and the efficiency of resource use will ultimately save money for your business, not to mention tax breaks, customer interest and profitable innovations.

How Sustainable Investing Helps the Planet

Choosing to utilize an investing strategy that supports companies that have sustainable practices is a great way to work towards restoring our planet. The more people who invest in companies that are successfully implementing sustainable practices and choose to not invest in companies that produce excess greenhouse gases or have few or zero sustainability initiatives, the more it will encourage other companies to start increasing their sustainability.

Committed to Sustainability

At INGENIUM, the concept of sustainable investing hits close to home. We are constantly monitoring the ever-changing environmental landscape so that we can offer the newest, most cutting-edge sustainable technologies and solutions to our clients. Sustainable hazardous waste management and disposal is at the core of who we are.

To help others reach their sustainability goals, we developed DESTINATION ZERO. DESTINATION ZERO is a customizable, five-phase program that will give you all the knowledge, processes and skills you need to become Zero Waste Certified. Our TRUE certified DESTINATION ZERO advisors are ready to assist your business with its sustainability journey. The best part is that DESTINATION ZERO is completely customizable to your needs, time, budget and plans!

Contact us today to learn how we can help you and your team implement sustainable waste management practices.

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