Repurposed Chemicals Can Save Money and Hassle

ingenium offers beneficial reuse of your unwanted chemicals

Traditionally as a result of a facility consolidation, closure, relocation or even just a new direction in research, chemicals no longer needed were typically disposed of as hazardous waste. This was, and unfortunately often still is, true whether or not the containers have been opened. Not only does this create an environmental impact, it’s an asset loss to the company as well.

It doesn’t have to be that way. For the last several years, INGENIUM has proven successful in assisting companies throughout the western United States with a unique service called the Orphan Chemical Program. The benefits of the program are three-fold:

  • Reduced waste disposal costs
  • Recapture of a potentially lost chemical investment
  • Helping meet sustainability goals

To accomplish this, INGENIUM arranges for the transfer of title of useable chemicals that otherwise would be treated as waste. The company database is searched for candidates to match “orphan chemicals”. Once the right recipient is found, title to the chemicals is legally transferred and they are then safely transported, saving potentially thousands of dollars in disposal costs, while saving the recipient money on the purchase cost.

INGENIUM has many successful experiences with the program including a project involving over $1 million of no longer needed chemicals. Ultimately, some of the investment for the donor was recaptured, over $100,000 in disposal costs was saved, and the recipient saved money on the cost of the chemicals.

Additionally, INGENIUM will identify a chemical recipient as locally to the donor as possible, moving them to their new location with the lowest carbon footprint possible.

If your company has chemicals that are no longer needed or is in need of chemicals and looking for new ways to support the environment, please request more information here.

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