Access your waste data 24-7!

INGENIUM’s Customer Portal Now Available

INGENIUM is excited to introduce you to the two newest additions to our Team…INSIGHT and INQUIRY!

What is INSIGHT?
INSIGHT is our new secure online Customer Portal that allows you to access and manage your waste data and service requests, see complete order details, and retrieve documents at the touch of a button…24/7. INSIGHT offers high-level summary dashboards, easily accessible drill-down information, online INQUIRY requests and more.

What is INQUIRY?
INQUIRY is our online ticketing system where you’ll be able to ask questions, schedule a service or provide feedback about our services with a few easy clicks. Our goal with INQUIRY is to provide you with an enhanced customer experience and provide better visibility of your requests.

Not to worry, though. While we’re adding technology to our customer service toolkit, we want to ensure you that your requests are still being personally looked after by your dedicated Customer Service Representative.

So…let’s get started!

You are just one click away from accessing INGENIUM’s Customer Portal. Just click on the link below, enter your login information, and get ready to meet your new best friend. If you don’t have a unique username and password, or if you would like a demo of the INGENIUM Customer Portal, please contact

It’s our job to make your job easier!

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