Learn Where You Can Dispose of Household Hazardous Waste – It’s Everyone’s Responsibility

Properly disposing of household hazardous waste is just as important as waste disposal generated by your business. Many common products that we use in our daily lives contain potentially hazardous ingredients and, therefore, require special care when being disposed of. In many states, it is illegal to dispose of household hazardous waste (HHW) in the garbage, down storm drains or onto the ground. Chemicals in illegally or improperly disposed of hazardous waste can be released into the environment and contaminate our air, water and possibly the food we eat. By throwing hazardous waste into the garbage, you can also cause risk to neighbors or garbage handlers, as the waste is left on the street for disposal.

We now know that some common items that have been traditionally thrown in household or business trash cannot be safely disposed of in landfills. Some of these items are referred to as hazardous waste, such as paint, electronic devices (e-waste), and motor oil. Other household hazardous waste items are in a subcategory called universal waste (batteries, CFLs and mercury-containing thermostats.)

As part of our mission to create a more sustainable world, it is important for us to keep our clients informed on best practices for disposal and recycling of waste for both their home and business. To learn more about the disposal of HHW in the states of CA, WA and OR, please visit the following websites:

State of California

State of Washington

State of Oregon

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