Introducing INTOENERGY…Our Innovative Waste-to-Energy Program!

INTOENERGY is the pioneer waste-to-energy program developed by Ingenium. It is designed to assist generators who manage certified, non-infectious, and non-hazardous debris/materials in the laboratory and manufacturing process.

Benefits of the INTOENERGY Program:

  • A sustainable solution to help you to meet your landfill diversion and waste reduction goals.
  • Waste can be recaptured and converted into energy powering local electrical grids or used as an engineered
    fuel to power cement kilns – 100% recycling.
  • Reduced cost (no need for red bags, sharps containers for pipette tips, etc.)
  • Reduced liability.
  • Extended storage time.
  • Waste no longer falls under your Waste Management Plan, which means:
    o Material is no longer inspected.
    o No more tracking documents.
    o Potential reclassification to smaller generator status.
  • Monthly/Annual waste reports to show how much waste has been recycled.


  • Waste with high plastic content may have close to 20,000 BTUs per pound.
  • Every pound of that waste reduces the need for 1.5 pounds of coal, or 19 cubic feet of natural gas, thus
    helping to preserve our natural resources.
  • An average box weight in the INTOENERGY program is approximately 20 pounds, which can produce over
    117 kilowatt hours of electricity.
  • The average home in the US uses just over 9,000-kilowatt hours per year, so shipping one box per week
    would generate 66% of the home’s annual electrical energy needs.
  • One ton of this waste can replace 1.5 tons of coal.
  • One ton of this waste can replace almost 39,000 cubic feet of natural gas.
  • INTOENERGY supplies collection boxes and bags made of recycled cardboard and recycled plastic.
  • Waste treated by the INTOENERGY process undergoes the functional equivalent of incineration at a fraction
    of the cost of medical waste incineration, with costs on par with autoclave treatment.
  • The waste processed through INTOENERGY is completely recycled, and any solids resulting from the
    combustion of the waste are used in the production of roadbed material.

Food for Thought: Shipping just one box per week can generate over 6000-kilowatt hours of electricity per year. Shipping only two boxes through the INTOENERGY program can power one California home for an entire year!

Ask Yourself:

  • How much electricity and thermal energy is my facility throwing into a landfill?
  • Is this solution a better way to manage this material?
  • Does this meet a sustainability and/or landfill diversion goal?

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