INGENIUM Named to the 2021 Great Game of Business All Star Team

We are excited and honored to announce that INGENIUM has been named to the 2021 Great Game of Business All Star Team!

The whole idea a behind The Great Game of Business is to create an environment in which people are learning all the time. The principles of the GGOB are to (1) Educate employees about the business and encourage them to “think like an owner”; (2) Empower employees to make better decisions and “act like an owner”; and (3) Engage Employees by providing them a Stake in the Outcome “SITO” and “feel like an owner!”

The GGOB All Star Team awards recognize and celebrate the remarkable achievements of companies from around the globe that have fully embraced the principles of open-book management and the Great Game of Business and have demonstrated outstanding results.

Companies who are awarded the GGOB All Star Recognition have a sincere belief in people along with fostering trust and mutual respect, and All Star companies embody these concepts to the fullest. They show tenacious dedication to open-book management and business transparency and continually spread the word to help others succeed as well.

INGENIUM is proud of our accomplishment and would like to acknowledge all our employees who have committed to embracing and playing the Great Game of Business. Their hard work and dedication is what made this award possible.

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