Ingenium Jumps on the Podcast Train!!!

We’re excited to announce that Ingenium has taken our Marketing efforts to a new level and has jumped on the “Podcast Train!” We recently contracted with a company to source Podcasts that will allow us to get Ingenium’s name and dedication to sustainable waste options out to targeted audiences.

Over the next six months, our CEO, Heather Johnson, will participate as a guest on a series of 12 different Podcasts. Check our Ingenium website and our social media sites to view all the Podcasts, along with links to listen. The Podcast links will also be featured on all our social media platforms as they are published.

“The Leadership and Learning Podcast” was Heather’s first Podcast and was published on 6-21-23. In this episode (#108), “Hazardous Waste and Leadership with Heather Johnson,” the host, Randy Goruk, talks with Heather and focuses on hazardous waste management, waste to energy, and leadership. If you’d like to listen to the Podcast, the link below will take you to their website. It is also available on regular podcast platforms (i.e., Spotify, Apple, etc.)

Check back to view Heather’s future Podcasts and see what she’s up to!

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