Here We Grow Again!

INGENIUM is excited to announce that, due to the rapid expansion of our client base in Texas, we are expanding and have officially opened our two newest locations in Dallas and Houston. This expansion, along with its existing location in San Marcos, TX, will allow INGENIUM to offer our full range of hazardous waste management services to the Texas market, and provide our Texas clients with the excellent service INGENIUM is known for.

Our customers have been expanding their operations in Texas, and these new facilities will enable Ingenium to provide the excellent service they’ve come to expect from our Hazard Heroes®.” – Heather Johnson, CEO

“Working with the folks at Ingenium has been a pleasure from the beginning. Their customer service is exceptional and above reproach. They’re always on the ball and ready to help with whatever the situation may be. They offer a wide variety of disposal options and have proven to be very prompt with service; even with the short lead times we sometimes give them. I would recommend Ingenium to anyone who has waste disposal needs.” – Mike Casanover, Palmer Logistics, TX

INGENIUM helps our customers manage their hazardous waste programs, maintain budgets, and meet regulatory demands while protecting employees, the community, and the environment. We also assist in the process of reducing and recycling waste to achieve sustainability goals while maintaining safety and service.

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​​Founded in 2006 and based in Escondido, California, INGENIUM is the leading provider of sustainable waste management solutions and is known for its innovation, accountability, and uncompromising integrity. INGENIUM provides a broad range of waste management services specializing in packaging, transportation, recycling, and disposal of hazardous, non-hazardous, biological, universal, and radioactive waste. INGENIUM is positioned along the entire West Coast and Texas, with multiple ten-day hazardous waste transfer facilities. Ingenium operates nationally with the support of a vast network of waste management partnerships. Our customer base spans the nation and various industries, including biopharmaceutical, aerospace, chemical, general manufacturing, healthcare, and education.

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