Helping Meet the Challenge of University Sustainability Goals with On-Site Services

Programs to Decrease Landfill and Stay in Compliance

As a university maintenance or facility manager you deal with a lot of challenges when it comes to waste management, particularly hazardous waste.  You have to work to make sure you are in compliance with local, state and federal regulations often with limited staff and student interns who may not be fully trained; all while striving to meet increasing university sustainability goals. Now there is another way.

INGENIUM has programs to help meet all of your goals. For departments that are understaffed, we provide trained field workers to conduct a variety of services from benchtop level waste collection and storage to routine inspections, to waste preparation and packaging for transportation. And your On-site Technical Support program is tailored to your specific situation from the list of services below:

» Waste Collection and Satellite-Location Consolidation
» Waste Container Labeling/Compliance
» Waste Storage Management
» Site Inspections – Monthly or Weekly
» Safety Shower/Eye Wash Inspections
» Fire Extinguisher Inspections
» Hazardous Materials Management
» Waste Profiling
» Lab Packing
» Shipment Preparation and Scheduling
» Manifest Preparation
» Decontamination
» General Cleaning
» Custom Compliance Tasks
» Chemical Inventory Management
» Safety Data Sheet Management
» Bio hazardous Materials Management
» Universal Materials Consolidation

To further help assure that your waste is being handled, stored and classified properly, INGENIUM also conducts audits and process analysis services. This includes identifying waste that is currently going to the landfill that, with new technologies, can be reclassified and redirected to recycling, reuse or repurposing thereby increasing your sustainability profile. As a participant in INGENIUM’s INTOENERGY program you even receive an annual certificate that shows the amount of electricity you have put back onto the California grid.

For more information about how you can help your department reach your university’s sustainability goals, contact INGENIUM today. 

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