Ghoulishly Good Safety Tips for Halloween

Make sure your Halloween is as safe as it is fun by following these ghoulishly good practices:

  • Decorate costumes and bags with reflective tape or stickers, and choose light or bright colors so your trick-or-treater can be seen.
  • Make sure costumes are flame and fire retardant.
  • Choose face paint and makeup instead of masks so the child’s view is not obstructed.
  • Make sure costumes do not touch the ground to avoid trips and falls.
  • If your costume includes some type of weapon, be sure it is flimsy and flexible to avoid injuring anyone with a sharp or hard object.
  • Always carry a flashlight while trick-or-treating.
  • Rather than candles, consider using battery lights for lighting jack-o-lanterns to avoid fires.
  • Cross the street at corners, using traffic signals and marked crosswalks.
  • Put electronic devices away so you are not distracted.
  • Walk on sidewalks or paths, and face traffic as far to the left as possible if there are no designated walkways. Do not run out from between parked cars or across lawns and ornaments.
  • If driving, be extra careful to look for children who may be crossing the street in an unmarked area.
  • Do not allow children under 12 to trick-or-treat alone, and older children should always stay in groups.
  • Only approach homes that are well lit and appear to be welcoming visitors.
  • Remind your children never to enter a stranger’s home or car.
  • Remind your trick-or-treater not to sample any candy before they arrive home so it can be checked by an adult prior to consumption.
  • Throw away any unwrapped, opened or suspicious looking candy.
  • Ration treats to avoid sugar overload.
  • If you are passing out treats, make sure your walkway and porch are well lit and clear of objects such as hoses, toys, decorations, etc. to avoid accidents.
  • Consider purchasing non-food items for those who visit your home, such as coloring books, pens or pencils.
  • Restrain pets so they do not scare trick-or-treaters…and so the trick-or-treaters don’t scare your pets.


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