Don’t risk having your EPA ID number deactivated! Have you filed your DTSC Electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ)?

Have you heard of the California eVQ? Do you know if you need to file one for 2024? Not sure what you need? Not to worry! Let us point you in the right direction!

The eVQ is the Department of Toxic Substance Control’s (DTSC) Electronic Verification Questionnaire (eVQ). The DTSC says that anyone who generates, transports, offers for transport, treats, stores, or disposes of hazardous waste must have a hazardous waste identification number (ID), otherwise known as an EPA ID number. The purpose of this verification is to ensure that the information on record for the EPA ID number is correct and current.

The eVQ allows the generator to verify their EPA ID information is correct. This verification must be done annually if you have an active ID number during the previous year from July 1st to June 30th or if you’ve shipped hazardous waste using the assigned ID number during that same timeframe. The questionnaire is usually due in July or within 30 days of receiving their notice each year. In the old days, the DTSC sent paper reminders to the generators. They will still mail a hard copy if there is no email on file; however, nowadays, they use electronic notifications to the email address on file instead. This can be problematic if the email is no longer active. So, it is a good idea to have a reminder each summer to check your eVQ status to ensure it gets filed on time. The DTSC will send a paper notification if no email is on file. 

If you forget to file the annual eVQ, the DTSC will most likely inactivate your EPA ID number. If you find yourself without an active EPA ID number, INGENIUM cannot pick up your hazardous waste until your EPA ID number is reactivated. To remedy this, you’ll need to utilize the DTSC’s eVQ system. This is fine and dandy if you have the login information to your eVQ account. But let’s say the person who had that account is no longer with your company….now what? You can contact the DTSC by phone (1-877-454-4012), and they will work with you to get you access and reactivate your EPA ID.

For more information about the California eVQ, visit or contact our EHS Team.

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