Celebrating Sustainability Milestones: ProFarm Achieves TRUE Zero Waste Certification with INGENIUM’s Destination Zero Program


Sustainability is critical for organizations across all sectors in today’s complex global landscape. This shift is driven by mounting environmental challenges, stakeholder demands, and an ever-evolving market that requires unprecedented agility in operations. Given this context, we are proud to announce that ProFarm, a valued INGENIUM client, has attained Total Resource Use and Efficiency (TRUE) certification under the guidance of our DESTINATION ZERO team.

The Certification

ProFarm secured TRUE Gold certification for the zero waste efforts of its Davis, CA campus. Administered by Green Business Certification Inc. (GBCI), TRUE provides a comprehensive third-party evaluation of an organization’s non-hazardous solid waste management systems and practices. The campus was assessed across various categories, including waste reduction, reuse, recycling, diversion, upstream management, leadership, and closed-loop systems. Achieving this certification underscores ProFarm’s commitment to minimizing waste and maximizing resource efficiency, with over 93.3% of all solid waste materials now diverted from landfills and waste-to-energy (WTE) incineration facilities.

The Partnership

ProFarm’s journey towards achieving zero waste and TRUE certification was driven by a commitment to environmental stewardship and our vision for a more sustainable future. Steered by INGENIUM’s Destination Zero team, ProFarm navigated the complexities of establishing verifiable, data-driven waste reduction and diversion programs. Together, we established a baseline diversion rate, formed the Davis Sustainability team, tracked progress, implemented new policies, and identified diversion partners. Our joint efforts engaged team members across all levels of the organization towards a unified goal.

The Impact

With this milestone, ProFarm joins a growing number of industry leaders who recognize the importance of substantiating sustainability initiatives with validated metrics. The Davis campus has eliminated over 94,000 pounds of potential waste by focusing on reduction and reuse and redirected 49,800 pounds to recycling and organic outlets. This initiative’s impact extends far beyond the organization’s walls. As reliance on single-use items diminished, ProFarm’s relationship to materials transformed. Reuse programs now give the local community access to healthy soil and edible plants. Team members continue to share their newfound knowledge with family, friends, and colleagues, improving the capture of materials for recycling and decreasing contamination across the region.

The Future

This milestone is not the culmination but rather the beginning of a journey toward continued excellence in sustainability standards. ProFarm remains committed to innovation and improvement, leveraging INGENIUM’s expertise to maintain its zero waste status and explore new opportunities for waste reduction, resource efficiency, and environmental stewardship.

The Conclusion

As we celebrate this remarkable achievement, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to ProFarm’s entire team for their dedication, perseverance, and leadership. They have demonstrated that organizations can thrive and make a meaningful, measurable difference with vision, collaboration, and commitment. Together, our shared commitment will continue to pave the way for an era where people, planet, and profit thrive in unison.

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If you want to learn more about TRUE Zero Waste Certification, visit our website or contact our Destination Zero Team.

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