Be Aware: Is Your Waste Being Managed Properly?

Although you may rely on other companies to haul away and dispose of your waste, you are ultimately responsible for the waste from “cradle to grave.”  That’s why it’s so important the vendors you choose are fully trained and responsible partners you can count on. To help you make the best decision, here are some important questions you may want to ask when choosing a hazardous waste vendor:

  1. Does the company take their responsibilities seriously, including scheduling, manifesting, transportation and disposal of your waste?
  2. Are the drivers who are entrusted with your waste following regulations for hauling hazardous waste?
    a. Are they conscientious about properly loading and placarding their trucks?
    b. Do they properly complete paperwork and follow DOT guidelines for hazardous waste transportation?
  3. Does the management team ensure that their employees are properly trained and monitored to ensure regulations are followed, thereby avoiding costly mistakes and even fines?
  4. Is your waste management company fully certified and insured?
  5. What is their record for penalties and fines?

At INGENIUM, all of our drivers and waste management personnel are fully trained, certified and regularly monitored. We are committed to making sure your hazardous waste is handled without risk and according to all DOT regulations.

If you have any questions, please contact your INGENIUM Representative at 800/805-6236.

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