Are Your Certifications and Permits Up-To-Date?

Don’t Let Regulators Catch You Unprepared!

Avoid Penalties! We Can Help…

In a busy work environment, making sure your personnel are properly trained and certified and ensuring that permits are up-to-date often get overlooked – yet it’s what regulators most frequently cite companies for.

The company you trust to handle your chemicals and hazardous waste is here to help. INGENIUM offers permitting services that can help you get through the process faster. They already have existing knowledge of the regulations and processes you need to get your permits. Our customers are our number one priority, and we strive to handle your needs as though they were our own. We have experts in your local area who know exactly what to do to get your permitting requirements resolved in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Permitting programs are customized to meet your needs. Not sure what you need? Let our professionals assess your current program and outline a viable solution to further reduce your risk and liability.

We are to help with any of the following:

  • HazMat Permits (HMBP, Haz Waste Generator, Hazardous Materials Storage)
  • Medical Waste Permitting (Generator or Treatment Permits)
  • EPA ID Numbers
  • Storm Water Permitting
  • Industrial Waste Water Discharge
  • Air Discharge Permitting
  • Carcinogen Report of Use
  • Biennial Reports
  • SB14 – Pollution Prevention Plans
  • TRI – Toxic Release Inventory

Get the umbrella of protection that gives you peace of mind. Contact INGENIUM for more information today!


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