Radioactive Waste

Professional Radioactive Waste Management

Ingenium handles radioactive waste transportationIngenium’s highly qualified team, together with our leading edge equipment, is a proven combination to manage all our clients’ radioactive waste needs. Our own Radiation Safety Officer and our Certified Hazardous Materials Managers oversee all handling of radioactive waste materials for packaging and transportation to nationally certified radioactive waste repositories and treatment facilities. Additionally, we consistently strive to create innovations to minimize waste and achieve greater sustainability.

Examples of Acceptable Radioactive Waste

  • Liquids: absorbed & Non-Absorbed
  • Sources
  • Uranium Salts
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Dry Solid Waste
  • Beta Plates
  • Thorium Salts
  • Exit Signs
  • Metals & Equipment
  • LSV Vials and Fluids
  • High Curie Content Materials

If you have any questions about which types of radioactive waste are acceptable, please contact your Ingenium representative.

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