Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste Management: At the Core of Everything We Do

Ingenium is a hazardous waste management companyFirst and foremost, Ingenium is a hazardous waste management company. When the Ingenium team starts working with you, we automatically do a Needs Analysis. This includes both an upstream and downstream process review with an eye towards understanding how and why waste is produced and then, using our experience, recommend where less can be produced or it can stop being produced altogether. If waste still exists, our approach is to determine the best solution for our clients , whether it involves recycling, reuse, repurposing or disposal — Ingenium will handle it in the most efficient, timely, responsive and professional manner possible.


Hazardous Waste Types

As a specialist, Ingenium handles virtually every type of hazardous waste in as safe, compliant and sustainable manner as possible. Below is a sampling of hazardous waste types that Ingenium handles on a daily basis. For additional waste types handled by Ingenium contact.

  • Solvents
  • Acids
  • Lab Packs
  • Solvent Contaminated Debris
  • Caustics, Bases & Alkalis
  • Reactive Chemicals
  • Degreasers & Thinners
  • Metal Bearing Liquids
  • Mercury Waste
  • Flammable & Latex Paints
  • Waste Water
  • Oils & Glycols
  • Aerosols
  • Filter Cake
  • Precious Metals
  • Paint Related Materials

Hazardous Waste Management Solutions

In addition to non-sustainable options such as incineration and landfill disposal, Ingenium utilizes a variety of sustainable treatments for handling hazardous waste. These programs are:

Continued & Beneficial Reuse
This program may remove qualifying material from the waste areas and, without reclamation, enables its future use as a raw material substitute in a commercial process. The program offers the highest form of waste reduction and the best achievement of organizational sustainability goals. It also provides the potential to reduce overall waste generation.
Liquid & Solid Distillation
For qualifying waste, this program offers a method of recycling by reclaiming valuable constituents from both liquid and solid materials that can be transformed into a recycled product. Ingenium’s distillation partnerships provide the ability to assist even with small volumes of qualifying waste.
Liquid & Solid Fuel Blending
A recognized recycling alternative, fuel blending mixes liquid or solid hazardous wastes to divert the use of fossil fuels in the manufacturing of cement. Ingenium has an extensive network of audited and permitted treatment, storage and disposal facilities that offer fuel blending at competitive rates.
Lab Packs
Ingenium has the experience to handle the packaging of expired or surplus chemicals in a manner that both meets regulatory compliance and saves our clients money. Our field chemical personnel are specialists managing lab packs from inventory, to consolidation, to packaging and disposal, in the most efficient and economical way possible.
Through a permitted chemical separation process, this program offers recycling of metal bearing acid and caustic wastes. The program also encompasses a process of recycling that utilizes these waste types as an ingredient in a chemical manufacturing process.
Ingenium also coordinates sustainable waste treatments for a variety of other materials including recycling for paint waste, waste waters, bulk liquids and solids and metal recovery. Each program is customized to an individual client’s needs and goals. We constantly scan the ever-changing environmental landscape to offer the most cutting edge technologies in support of our clients’ goals. Please check with your Ingenium representative for the latest new programs on the horizon.

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