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Recycling logoINergy Solutions is a broad-based approach that includes repurposing, recycling and converting waste to energy to power the electrical grid and other power sources. Through these services, Ingenium assists generators in reclassifying certain waste streams previously only suitable for incineration or landfill disposal to recapture and convert the inherent energy to electricity at a fraction of the cost of traditional hazardous waste management options.

Ingenium professionals fully understand all of the classifications and properly assigning waste to assure that, wherever possible, waste can be utilized in processes that create energy types, whether the end result is the production of power, fueling cement kilns or going directly into the energy grid. Ingenium representatives work with clients to determine the most sustainable solution for their specific waste types.

Waste-to-Energy: Repurposing and Reusing

Ingenium has pioneered a variety of ways to increase sustainability and positively impact our client’s bottom line. Below is an example of our specialized programs.

Emerald Energy

One of the original waste-to-energy programs developed by Ingenium, the Emerald Energy Program, is designed to assist commercial and industrial generators who manage certified, non-infectious and non-hazardous debris/materials generated in the laboratory research and manufacturing process. Through this process, those waste types can now be recaptured and converted to electricity in a cost neutral manner compared to traditional waste management options. Waste managed through the Emerald Energy process is used to power California State and local electrical grids.

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Designed specifically for generators of red bag medical waste, Bio-INergy offers the option of choosing a sustainable alternative to autoclave and landfill treatment and/or limits your organization’s carbon footprint by avoiding out-of-state incineration. Through this process, red bag medical waste is rendered into solid trash utilizing state-approved technology. The solid waste is then converted into energy and put back onto the electrical grid.

The innovative Bio-INergy program delivers measurable results for all red bag medical waste generators seeking to achieve sustainability initiatives within their organization. It’s Pure Ingenium.

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Orphan Chemical

The unique Orphan Chemical Program is a win for clients all the way around. This program arranges for the transfer of title, and then shipment, of surplus chemicals that would otherwise be treated as waste to new owners. In one instance alone, we were able to connect a donor with a recipient on a project involving over $1 million of no longer needed chemicals, recapturing some of the investment for the donor and saving over $100,000 in disposal costs.

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Sustainable Recycling Services

As an added value for our clients, Ingenium provides a full spectrum of recycling services, including cardboard, plastics, packaging and Styrofoam. We also have programs dedicated to the recovery of precious and scrap metals. Waste material that is not able to be reused or repurposed can still be recycled. In fact, we have found that many of our clients were not even aware that recycling options exist for items they had previously been incinerating or sending to landfill. The professionals at Ingenium work with clients to make sure they are maximizing recycling options for waste while maintaining a positive budget picture. It is our goal to offer these services to our clients to provide a total solution for all their waste needs.

For more information about Ingenium’s dedication to waste recycling, reuse, recycling and proprietary programs, contact an Ingenium Account Representative today.

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