Orphan Chemical℠

Orphan Chemical℠: Chemical Disposal and Chemical Recycling

IMG_7336_crAt the heart of our sustainably services is the unique Orphan Chemical℠ Program. This pioneering program is a win for clients all the way around. This program arranges for the transfer of title, and then shipment, of surplus chemicals that would otherwise be treated as waste to new owners. For the donor, this significantly helps reduce traditional lab pack disposal costs. For the recipient, it’s an opportunity to gain valuable product. We have had a number of successful chemical transfers during the last four years. In one instance alone, we were able to connect a donor with a recipient on a project involving over $1 million of no longer needed chemicals, recapturing some of the investment for the donor, and saving over $100,000 in disposal costs.

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I have used the Ingenium Portal and it saved us a tremendous amount of time. We had a county inspection and the tech had misplaced the shipment documentation! Thank you for Insight!! Saved us a violation.

Ingenium provides much more than hazardous waste disposal. With a solid commitment to excellent customer service, they deliver a sincere obligation of partnering with their customers who are focused on sustainable solutions to waste management.

When we received the 2016 Innovation Award of Distinction from the Campus Safety, Health and Environmental Management Association (CSHEMA), a colleague of mine from MIT said to me, “You guys are a big deal! Harvard, Yale and even MIT didn’t get an award this year.” Thanks, Ingenium, for partnering with us in our sustainability efforts!

Ingenium is a quality company that provides great service with great people in a timely manner.

Ingenium has a higher level of customer service above any other company I've worked with.

The Orphan Chemical Program is outstanding and a money saver! Dealing with customer representatives was very pleasing and the program was very easy to follow.

The Ingenium team has been wonderful in helping us transition from basically a home grown recycling operation to utilizing your comprehensive services. It's been a wonderful experience!

We have been offered ways to save money and improve service. This is highly important as we continue to grow as a company.

Very happy with customer reps and technicians for their professionalism and excellent service.

Ingenium's overall service is excellent!

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