Emerald Energy℠


One of the original waste-to-energy programs developed by Ingenium, the Emerald Energy program is designed to assist commercial and industrial generators who manage certified, non-infectious and non-hazardous debris/materials generated in the laboratory research and manufacturing process.

Many organizations do not want to dispose of this material in the landfill due to exposure to liability, and look for alternative medical solid waste disposal methods.

Through this process, those waste types can now be recaptured and converted to electricity in a cost neutral manner compared to traditional waste management options. Waste managed through the Emerald Energy process is used to power California state and local electrical grids.

In addition to Emerald Energy being a truly sustainable solution, there are many other benefits to utilizing the program. These benefits include reduced cost and liability, reduced need for reporting and tracking, extended storage time and potential reclassification to smaller generator status.

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