Partnership Pays – comments from the Executive Director

Why is choosing a service provider with a partnership philosophy so important? Frankly, because it pays, and here’s a great example of how Ingenium’s partnership philosophy benefits our clients.

Ingenium has a client that is a large paint manufacturer. This client had been shipping out a large volume of paint sludge as hazardous waste, over 4 million pounds on an annual basis, costing our client over $300,000 in annual waste fees. Upon a periodic review of our client’s processes, one of the Ingenium specialists involved in the review thought the waste might be exempt from management as hazardous waste. Based on the specialist’s recommendation, Ingenium worked with the client to confirm the waste was indeed exempt from management as hazardous waste. Even though Ingenium lost the revenue stream from the management of that material, we were pleased to save our client such significant sums of capital while eliminating the need to manage the material as hazardous waste.

This partnership philosophy is good business sense, for both Ingenium and our clients. It shows our clients Ingenium is constantly working in their best interests, even if it means a reduction of revenue to Ingenium. What Ingenium gets in return is a client that trusts us implicitly, and a solid business relationship not easily broken. A business philosophy that focuses on maximizing revenue streams is, in the end, self-defeating. A business philosophy that focuses on developing trust will ensure stability, and long-term client stability is priceless.

Gary Lundstedt is Executive Director of Ingenium, an environmental partnership company, dedicated to providing unique and sustainable solutions for the management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.