Facility Closure & Relocation

Chemical Relocation

When clients move to a new facility or expand their campus to an additional off-site location, Ingenium seamlessly integrates into the real estate planning process to provide a hassle-free experience with all the trained personnel and equipment necessary. Contact us today for more information.

Facility Closure and Decontamination

Closing a facility that has produced hazardous, biological or radiological waste can be both a physical challenge as well as a regulatory maze. Ingenium has specially trained personnel to work through this process efficiently and effectively with you. Our complete facility closure service includes:

  • Interface with Regulatory Agencies
  • Closure Plan Development and Submission
  • All Permitting and Permit Closures
  • All Necessary Reports

Facility Setup

Setting up a new facility to handle chemicals requires extensive planning and permitting. Ingenium works with clients through all the phases to assure the creation of a safe environment, as well as one that meets all compliance regulations. Contact us today for more information.

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