Compliance Support Services

Professional Guidance Thru the Regulatory Maze

The complexity of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) regulations that govern workers and facilities using hazardous materials can be daunting. Violations often carry stiff penalties and, in some cases, can result in criminal charges against managers and companies.

In conjunction with Ingenium’s long-term partner, WSR Environmental, we help clients reduce personal and corporate risk by assisting with compliance for regulatory requirements. We can pinpoint areas that are out of compliance and then develop a plan to help clients come into, and stay in, regulatory compliance while keeping the organization’s business goals in mind. And we can provide training for management and employees to meet certification requirements, helping clients avoid mistakes and oversights that may place them personally and/or their company in regulatory jeopardy. Please see below for a sample of our services.

EH&S Support and More


For facilities that handle hazardous waste, specialized permits are required when starting new operations, changing processes, moving operations and shutting down a location. And the permits are often required from multiple sources: local, state and federal — with inspections that follow.

Because we have worked in this area, and do every day, Ingenium personnel are well versed in the wide variety of permits required for different industries and are ready and able to assist with the permitting process, whatever the situation.


Filing hazardous waste manifests with federal and state agencies is required by law. Additional reports for internal corporate use and sustainability results reporting are in demand by leading companies.

While it is the ultimate responsibility of the facility that eventually treats and disposes of the waste to complete the manifest filing, the generator is still responsible. Ingenium works with clients to make sure all the appropriate information is available to all parties. As well, Ingenium provides both regular and on-demand reports to clients to keep them apprised of the disposition of their waste and the progress of their efforts towards sustainability.

Plan Development

One of the best ways to assure compliance and smooth operation is to have an EH&S plan in place before operations even commence. It’s also important to revisit safety and training plans on a regular basis to make sure that they are up-to-date with the latest requirements and operational practices. Many agencies also require that a written plan be in place to meet compliance regulations.

Ingenium’s professionals work with clients to develop all levels of plans from basic EH&S requirement fulfillments to emergency response protocols. From start-up to ongoing operations, we provide the guidance and input necessary to develop the right plan for each individual situation.

Audit Support

Whether it’s permits, EH&S plans, accurate reporting or an emergency response plan, ultimately one or all of them may be audited. The physical operation and handling of waste management are also always open to audit by regulatory agencies.

As a special service to clients, Ingenium can conduct an on-site audit to review all practices and procedures that would be examined by local, state and federal agencies. We will provide a report highlighting any areas that are out of compliance and offer guidance to bring them back into safety; reducing risk and liability before the client is cited or fined.

Process Review

When the Ingenium team starts working with you, we automatically do a Waste Management Process Analysis. This includes both an upstream and downstream process review with an eye towards creating greater operating efficiencies. We work with you to understand how and why waste is produced and then, using our experience, recommend where less can be produced or it can stop being produced altogether. This Analysis is conducted on an ongoing basis by our highly trained personnel as a complementary adjunct to all our other services.

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