Ingenium Packaging Guidelines

Department of Transportation Required:
Drum Closure Instructions

According to the United Nations and Title 49 of the Code of Federal Regulations, [Section 178.2(c)(1)], Ingenium is required to provide notification of closing methods required for containers used to ship hazardous materials. This section is applicable to all clients who purchase, transfer or receive packaging materials and supplies through Ingenium’s services. The closing methods stated in the documents must be completed in order to ensure that the containers and packaging will close in the same manner as when they were initially tested. Adherence to closure instructions are critical such that the container provided by Ingenium does not leak or spill under conditions normally associated with transportation. If you have any questions regarding the closing of your specific material, please contact your account manager for further assistance. The closure instructions for the drums, boxes and materials used at your facility are listed below. The instructions are in .PDF format. If you do not have the necessary software to view the .PDF instructions, you can download the software for free here. If you do not have electronic access, please inform your Ingenium Account Manager and hard copies will be mailed to your attention.

Intermediate Bulk Containers
Lab Pack Speciality Packaging

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