Chemical Repurposing in Action

For many years, unused chemicals, even new and unopened supplies, were simply disposed of as hazardous waste. Today that situation is changing, due in part to a commitment to sustainability by responsible corporate citizens that have the power to make a difference.

A recent case in point is a multi-national biotechnology company that was closing their U.S. west coast operations. This company faced the prospect of treating a significant quantity of new, unopened chemicals, as waste. They wanted better options and turned to Ingenium for a solution that met their desire for a more sustainable method of handling those chemicals.

Ingenium’s Orphan Chemical Program was created precisely for this situation. Through our network of biotechnology companies, Ingenium was able to identify appropriate recipients for the chemicals, which included a wide range of high purity reagents. Ingenium arranged for the transfer of title of the useable chemicals and safely transported them to the closest possible recipient, moving them with the lowest carbon footprint feasible.

The end result was a sustainable solution that made two parties happy, kept viable chemicals from being managed as hazardous waste, and saved money for all involved. The goals of the Orphan Chemical program are always to:

1. Reduce waste disposal costs;

2. Help recapture an investment; and finally,

3. Help meet corporate sustainability goals.

If you have chemicals that need to be transferred out of your facility for any reason, Ingenium will help you find the best possible solution.

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